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While there are many in the vehicular telematics market today, Mapping Control stands out for several reasons.

Our beliefs

“Don’t choose the least expensive solution... choose the one that will save you the most!”
We use vehicular telematics so as to achieve a very significant reduction in the vehicle fleet costs of our customers.


At Mapping Control, we don’t offer one solution for every customer. What’s more, we can offer a specific bouquet of services for each vehicle and/or driver.
To best meet your expectations, needs, and requirements, our approach breaks down into 3 phases.


All our services are complementary since they were designed according to cost compression logic. After our audit phase, we generally offer you an optimized bouquet of services to best reduce the costs of YOUR automotive fleet.


Is your situation dynamic? Our services are too! At any time, you can use our service platform to activate or deactivate the service(s) as per your needs. You can choose to make the modifications immediately operational for all or part of your fleet.


Whatever your position, you may be required to travel professionally. Mapping Control has designed mobile applications enabling you to access your online services at any time, any place, and from any terminal. Your drivers will also have access to a dedicated Smartphone application.

Our example

What says the most about the quality of our offer? Our 7 500 customers—that’s 150 000 vehicles using Mapping Control’s service platform every day. And all of them achieved real savings on the overall cost of their automotive fleet from the first month of implementation.

Our advantage

Interested in creating an interface between our management platform and your own information systems? Send us your specifications; our experts will propose an option for developing ad hoc web services!

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