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Has your funding been reduced? Increase your savings!

Mairies et collectivités, gestion de parc, télématique embarquée

The best way to achieve savings is to target areas where there is no negative impact to your constituents or employees.
Vehicular telematics gives you the tools to save in real and significant ways on your automotive fleet by optimizing all the items that comprise the TCO*.

*Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce the cost of your automotive fleet and fuel up on savings!

Mapping Control offers you a bouquet of 3 connected services
specially designed for public institutions



To optimize the management and costs of your automotive fleet

  • Manage and monitor maintenance and legal obligations
  • Monitor costs and prepare an analytics dashboard
  • Configure automatic alerts: maintenance, contract mileage limits, fuel efficiency, etc.
  • Monitor and manage traffic violations and accidents
  • Integration of fuel cards

Driving analysis


To inform your employees about energy-saving driving and reduce usage costs as well as accidents

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs (tires, brake pads, etc.)
  • Reduce accidents and insurance premiums
  • As an option, the Eco+ service: a 36- or 48-month training program focused on road risk prevention and energy-saving driving

car share fleet

logiciel de gestion de flotte automobile

To reduce the size and cost of your automotive fleet through resource sharing

  • Manage reservation and return schedules online (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Key management (key panel, Bluetooth code, RFID badge)
  • Automatic alerts for late or non-compliant returns
  • Reservation and usage statistics and analytics
  • Manage any invoices (free or paid services)


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Services web connectés
Connected web services
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Boîtier géolocalisation
Stationary or mobile
connection unit
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application mobile géolocalisation
Driver/supervisor mobile applications
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Initiation géolocalisation
Free introduction
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hotline géolocalisation
Customer hotline
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SMS géolocalisation
Free and unlimited SMS
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