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Ensure vehicle security with tracking protection

Télématique embarquée, géolocalisation de véhicules

Ensure vehicle security with tracking protection
Is your vehicle important to you? Is it indispensible for your daily personal and professional travel? Give it the protection it deserves!

Vehicular telematics and a dedicated smartphone app make it possible for you to monitor your vehicle with a single click and be instantly alerted in case of suspect movements. With “on-demand vehicle tracking,” you can also locate your vehicle to act fast and effectively.

Protect your vehicle and benefit from useful additional services!

Mapping Control offers “Coonect Track”:
A tracking protection system ideal for private use.

Protection, sécurisez vos biens d'un simple clic


To protect your vehicles against theft

  • Monitor a vehicle with a simple click from the dedicated smartphone app
  • Instantaneous alerts by SMS in case of abnormal movements
  • On-demand vehicle tracking for effective interaction with law enforcement

Additional Services

géolocalisation, véhicule sous surveillance

Valuable additional services

  • Localization of nearby filling stations (with price display): choose the closest and/or most economical
  • Electronic maintenance book: never forget the next tune-up
  • Promotional offers from our partners


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