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Guarantee temperatures during transport of your biological samples

Transports biologiques, respect de la chaîne du froid.

Biological transport is a key step of your quality process—the integrity of previous sampling phases and/or later analysis phases depends on it.
Vehicular telematics makes it possible for you to not only monitor and optimize the movements of your vehicles in real time, but also to constantly ensure cold chain compliance.
Protect your business activity and fuel up on advantages!

Protect your business activit and fuel up on advantages!

Mapping Control offers you a bouquet of 4 connected services
specially designed for laboratories and biological transport companies.

data exchange vehicles fleet car


To monitor sample temperatures and be immediately alerted in case of anomalies

  • Temperatures from various sensors automatically are sent directly to your software and applications
  • Instantaneous alerts (driver + manager) in case of abnormal temperature variations
  • Sampling and analysis phases ensured through cold chain compliance

Driving analysis


To monitor vehicle activity and receive alerts in case of inappropriate use

  • Reduce travel time (optimization of routes) and intervention times (local solutions)
  • Work plan compliance (intervention time visibility)
  • Reduce actual mileage and usage costs (fuel, maintenance, etc.)
  • Reduce/eliminate non-professional uses
  • Complete travel history and traceability of samples (daily, weekly, monthly)



To manage missions in real time and generate reports on the fly

  • Responsiveness: missions sent in real time (on all types of screen) with the possibility to manage more missions every day
  • Generate mission reports directly from employees’ mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, PND)
  • Electronic customer signature accelerates the invoicing cycle
  • Alerts in case of delays, absence

Protection, sécurisez vos biens d'un simple clic


To protect your vehicles against theft

  • Monitoring of a vehicle with a simple click from the dedicated smartphone app
  • Instantaneous alerts in case of abnormal movements
  • On-demand vehicle tracking for effective interaction with law enforcement
  • Additional services: localization of nearby filling stations, electronic maintenance book, etc.


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Services web connectés
Connected web services
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Stationary or mobile
connection unit
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Driver/supervisor mobile applications
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Free introduction
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Customer hotline
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Free and unlimited SMS
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