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Types of data véhicles


Connected vehicles enable collecting a wide range of information, on the vehicle itself and on the driver and road behaviors.

This makes it possible to collect various data, then analyze them for application to specific expectations and needs.


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This data constitutes a wealth of information for all players in the automotive ecosystem. Although their needs are divergent, all the above players have a real need for reliable data collected in real time.


Mapping Control offers 2 main approaches for automotive companies (which can of course be combined).

exploitation des données de véhicules connectés en marque blanche

exploitation des données en marque blanche Own logo data usage:

In this case, Mapping Control transfers all or part of its know-how to its partner who can then offer its customers a web services platform and smartphone apps under its own logo.

The 8 Mapping Control connected services are available to be used in this way.

exploitation des données brutes Raw data usage:

In the other approach, the intrinsic value of each type of data is considered for commercial use.

This allows each company to select one or more types of data relevant to its business and needs for analysis and use.

Automotive manufacturers mileage, maintenance Optimization of vehicle renewal cycles and contract mileage limits, analysis of diagnostic codes.
Car rental companies mileage, maintenance Optimization of vehicle renewal cycles and contract mileage limits.
Insurers driving grades and behaviors, GPS positions Rate adjustments based on driver profiles and actual mileage (especially for young and high premium drivers).
Maintenance companies mileage, maintenance dates Optimization of push marketing to their customers to generate additional business and build loyalty
Roadside assistance companies mileage, positions; exchange between policy holder, assistance company, and tow truck Automation of exchanges between everyone involved in assistance, provision of new services to policy holders through mobile applications.
Specialized solution providers mileage, fuel efficiency, positions and alerts, rental contract monitoring Enhanced tools and services through the reliability of our data.
Energy-saving training companies driving behavior and grades Creation of new training services based on monitoring of, and interactivity with the driver.


Push marketing fleet managment Whatever the approach selected by the customer (supply of services and/or supply of data), it will be of little value unless it is accompanied by effective communication tools for generating additional business.

Mapping Control has designed and developed ad spaces on its smartphone apps (and/or embedded screen and/or web platform) for tracked, one-to-one communications..

The goal: enable our customers to get the right offer, to the right person, at the right time even in the right place!

For example, an automotive distributor or maintenance company could deploy targeted promotional campaigns when it’s time for a tune-up or tire change.

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